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Joint Projects of TUT and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Japan

Data mining project of electric cars
MitsubishiImplementers: Joint team of the Department of Informatics, Department of Mechanics and the School of Economics and Business Administration of TUT and the Estonian Academy of Arts.
Mining data from electric cars with a view to study the most energy-saving and efficient patterns of use of electric cars in the Nordic climate, during the period from September 2012 till March 2013. Through processing data of electric cars researchers of TUT have established various user behaviour patterns and compared them with immediate user experience. The research also produced a record of the most efficient ways of using electric cars in the Estonian conditions. The small territory of Estonia and the varying climate provide excellent preconditions for testing electric cars. Data obtained help to take development decisions for improving the ease of use of electric vehicles. The research is based on the hands-on daily use of over 450 electric cars used by the State and local municipalities as of the year 2012. The first research visualised the behavioural patterns of electric car users in winter and spring conditions. The second project involved visualisation of the behavioural patterns in summer and autumn and preparing of an overall summary covering user behaviours all year round.

Research on Policy Measures Promoting the Use of Electric Cars
Implementer: A team of the Department of Informatics of TUT
Preparing the Estonia-related section of a larger study that analysed the effectiveness of political measures promoting the use of electric cars in different countries. Content – confidential.
Duration of the project: 10.2013 till 02.2014

Smart Algorithms and Big Data
Implementer: A team of the Department of Informatics of TUT.
Within the framework of this contract it is intended to develop a new smart algorithm – a modified method that would work on big data generated by the cars – in collaboration with the best R&D researchers and engineers from Mitsubishi Motors Okazaki plant. Content – confidential.
Start of the project: 01.2015