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Tallinn University of Technology: Courses about Asian societies and politics in spring 2017

The new semester (spring 2017) is starting very soon, so it is the right time to introduce the Asian related courses offered by Tallinn University of Technology.

japan-65380_1280An Introduction to Japanese Law and Society (TSP1123, 3 ECTS), MA
Course by Antonius Johannes Hubertus Notermans

The primary goal of the course is to provide a basic overview of Japanese Law and Society for students who are not familiar with the subject. The course also draws on law and economics so that students not only acquire knowledge of formal rules but also understand their rationales and consequences, as well as informal rules such as social norms surrounding them. This course provides an introduction to Japanese society and the basic laws that operates there (e.g. Property, Contracts, Torts, Cooperate Law, Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Tax Law, Labour Law). The course adopts an economic approach to the legal and social phenomena, and tries to explain those as a result of interactions of players who try to achieve certain goals.


Iranian History, Society and Culture (TSK1029, 3 ECTS), MA
Course by James Thurlow

The course will examine the history of Persia/Iran from the time of Cyrus the Great to the present day. In addition to examining political history, the course will discuss the development of religion and culture in Iran and the impact that it has had on world history. The course will also include an optional Persian language component.