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Elo Süld

Elo Süld is the Acting Head of the Asian Centre. Elo Süld has been working as Acting Head of the Asian Centre since 2016. Her duties include management of everyday life of the Asian Centre, accounting, coordination of research projects. She represents the Centre in the University and outside it.

Elo has defended a doctoral thesis at the School of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Tartu on the New Testament and comparative religions. Her research areas are Islamic studies – the Koran, religious diversity of Islam – and the New Testament – studies of Apostle St Paul. In her research, she focuses on the dialogue between religions, the historical and present-day context of Islam, and problems in Islamic countries.

Elo Süld works as Lecturer in Islamic Studies at the School of Theology and Religious Studies. She has lectured on topics such as Introduction to the Islam, Interfaith Dialogue: Internal Pluralism and the Historical Interpretation of Islam, Islam in Modern Times, Pluralism in Islam, etc. She organises training courses on the culture and religion of Islamic countries.

Elo Süld in Estonia Research Information System