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Kalli Kulla

KalliKulla photoAs of 2005 Kalli has studied topics related to business and economic environment and the society of modern China. Kalli holds an MSc degree in International Management (China) from University of London (the School of Oriental and African Studies), which she graduated from the in 2011 with distinction. Previously she has studied Chinese culture and language and has researched various topics of the modern society in China at the Estonian Institute of Humanities of Tallinn University as well as Xiamen and Renimin University People’s Republic of China.

As of 2014 she is a student of the PhD programme for the Studies of Cultures at Tallinn University, specialising in cultural geography. In her doctoral dissertation Kalli focuses on daily economic activities of Chinese small entrepreneurs and traders in Laos. Kalli’s interest lies in Chinese economic relations with Southeast Asia, various socioeconomic developments in China and Southeast Asia, China’s geopolitical discourse in Southeast Asia, movement of labour, migration and population changes. In the autumn of 2014 Kalli began lecturing at Tallinn University.

Development or implementation projects:
01.01.13–31.12.15 SEATIDE — Integration in Southeast Asia: Trajectories of Inclusion, Dynamics and Exclusion AU/713 European Commission’s 7th Cooperation Programme

10.01.2014–31.08.2015 Estonian Centre for Asian Studies, research assistant at Tallinn University

25.04.2014 the conference ‘Multiple Lives of Democracy: from Europe to Asia Pacific’, Tallinn University – organiser

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