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University of Tartu: courses on Asia Spring 2019

UT’s Asia themed courses in the 2019 Spring semester

This is the list of courses being taught this semester:

Asia and Pacific Business (SVMJ.07.004) 6EAP
Lecturer(s): Peer Hwang, Urmas Varblane, Dafnis Coudounaris

The general aim of the course is to provide knowledge about the changing role of Asian economies in the world economy and create skills needed to operate in the globalised economy. The objective is to develop for students a basic knowledge about the international business, with the clear focus on the Asia-Pacific region. Course gives understanding about the business environment, business models and practices applied by Asian firms.

This course is especially relevant for the students, future employees of private and public firms, which are doing different type of business in Asia. It is useful also for the wider audience in order to understand specificity of Asian business environment and practices.

Supported by University of Tartu’s ASTRA project PER ASPERA.

Society, Religion and Politics in the Contemporary Middle East (HVUS.06.006) 6EAP
Lecturer(s): Elo Süld, Anu Põldsam, Maili Vilson, Kadri Jõgi, Helen Haas

The course includes: an analysis of the state formation process in modern Middle East; exploration of meta-theoretical frameworks for the analysis of regional conflicts; examination of the role of political cultures and transnational loyalties, especially in its pan-Arabic and Islamic manifestations; evaluation of historical dynamics, including colonialism and its impact on the politics in and discourse about the region; investigation of the preconditions for regional integration and communitarian interaction between states; appreciation of the transnational dynamics of civil societies in the region including NGOs, women’s rights movements and human rights organisations.

Korean History (FLLC.08.008) 3EAP
Lecturer(s): Jung Ran Park

This course will seek to provide students a broad understanding of Korean history, By doing so, it is hoped that students will gain an appreciation of the diversity of Korean history and the various people who lived it. This course is designed to introduce students to the Korean history through lectures, reading of materials, watching video, and discussion. We will focus on such issues as the position of Korea in East Asia and the world, the historical development of Korean identity, and the dynamism of contemporary Korean society and culture.

Politics and Political Thinking in Communist China (SVJS.00.014) 6EAP
Lecturer(s): Urmas Pappel, Robert Weatherley

The aim of the course is to analyze China’s political thought and the related developments in the second half of the 20th century and during the last two decades. A student who has passed the course: knows how to analyse the main issues and historical developments in contemporary Chinese political thought; can compare the main topics of Chinese and Western political thought; can analyze the risks concerning China’s political thought.



ARABIC FOR BEGINNERS I, Level 0 > A1.1, HVLC.08.007 (6EAP) Taught by: Ester Jürmann
BASIC CHINESE FOR BEGINNERS I, LEVEL 0 > A1.1,HVLC.08.012 (6EAP) Taught by: Mart Tšernjuk
CHINESE FOR BEGINNERS II, LEVEL A1.1 > A1.2, HVLC.08.013 (6EAP) Taught by: Mart Tšernjuk
KOREAN FOR BEGINNERS I, LEVEL  0 > A1.1, HVLC.08.016 (6EAP) Taught by: Jung Ran Park
KOREAN FOR BEGINNERS II, LEVEL A1.1 > A1.2, HVLC.08.017 (6EAP) Taught by: Jung Ran Park