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Tallinn University, University of Tartu and Tallinn University of Technology bring together over 50 teaching staff and scientists who study various topics related to the Asian society, economy, culture and politics. Work is carried out at three levels: the core level represents international scientific research and education, while expertise offered to the State, the society and the business community is important as well.

As science centres universities bring together scientists who have long-term and continuous research experience in various topics and regions, and who are actively involved in international research projects, working together with scientist from Asia and elsewhere. Many of them have stayed in the countries they study for extended periods of time. Their profound knowledge and contacts can be applied in a targeted way to promote the interests of the State as well as the private sector.

As educational centres universities provide comprehensive Asia related degree studies at Bachelor, Master’s and PhD level; moreover, students of other specialities are offered opportunities to learn about Asia through specific optional subjects or modules. Furthermore, the universities provide possibilities for learning languages and participating in exchange programmes in partner universities in Asia.

Through the Open University all interested parties can take the courses offered by the universities for a fee. Furthermore, universities provide Asia related instruction in language studies, various aspects of Asian business culture, politics and other interested topics, and organise from time to time public lectures, seminars and conferences on Asia, involving scientists and practitioners from both Estonia and abroad.

Scientific Research and Projects

Many Estonian scientists are familiar with Asia related topics through their research or implementation projects (which are often carried out in cooperation with Asian scientist), through their profound language skills, various forms of collaboration, personal and institutional contacts, individual studies and regular stays at the location where they perform field work and carry out interviews.

While reports and analyses dealing with Asia are offered by many global think-tanks and international organisations, Estonian own scientists can – based on their research – interpret information, developments and processes such as to fit it into the context understandable for the public or private sector of Estonia, or highlight nuances, which are of particular interest for Estonia.