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Eiki Berg

Eiki Berg is a Professor of International Relations at the University of Tartu.untitled2

Since 1996, he has worked at the Institute of Government and Politics, generally focusing on critical geopolitics and the studies of borders and border regions, in particular. Among his recent research activities, studies about territoriality and sovereignty issues in contested states have gained more prominence. His research on East and Southeast Asia focuses on cross-strait relations between mainland China and Taiwan.

He is co-editor of Routing Borders Between Territories, Discourses and Practices (with Henk van Houtum, Ashgate, 2003) and Identity and Foreign Policy: Baltic-Russian Relations and European Integration (with Piret Ehin, Ashgate, 2009). He has published widely in leading peer-reviewed journals such as Journal of Baltic Studies, Geopolitics, Political Geography, Cooperation and Conflict, Global Society, Space and Polity, Europe-Asia Studies, Regional and Federal Studies, Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie, The Journal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics, Nations and Nationalism, Journal of International Relations and Development, International Spectator, International Studies Perspectives.

Currently Eiki also the lecturer for the course “Securit Challenges in East Asia” at UT. He is also currently writing a research paper: “Will the Improved Cross-strait Relations Lead to the Legitimisation of ‘One China Policy’?”

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