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TTÜ teadusseminar ‘Towards a Functional Approach of Global Governance’

Nikita_resizeTeisipäeval, 28. aprillil kell 14.00 toimub ruumis SOC-213 TTÜ  rahvusvaheliste suhete instituudi teadusseminar (Akadeemia tee 3, sotsiaalteaduskonna hoone), mille teema on “Towards a Functional Approach of Global Governance“. Seminar keskmeks on probleemid, mis seonduvad globaalse korra tagamisega ja rahvusvahelise koostöö edendamise vajadusega.

Ettekande teeb AUKE külalisteadur Dr. Nikita S.W. Chiu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong).

Seminari on Dr Chiu kirjeldanud järgnevalt:

David Mitrany was apt to identify in 1975 that the world was witnessing, for the first time, the emergence of “world problems and world activities which escape the range and control of any existing political sovereignties, or of any partial combination of them.” Functionalism asserts that states are able to work beyond politics and to come together to collaborate on providing solutions to some of today’s most imminent problems. The proliferation of various specialised international organisations (e.g. WHO, INCB) serve as good examples of the functional argument. With reference to the emergence of issue-based global governance initiatives (e.g. the ban on anti-personnel landmines and cluster munitions) and an in-depth study of the architecture of global drug governance, this lecture will address the challenges that the international community faces in maintaining a global order, and put forward that a functional approach in tackling transnational problems could play a crucial role in promoting international co-operation.