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TTÜ Aasia teemalised kursused sügisel 2016

Oled huvitatud Aasia ajaloost, poliitikast ja valitsemisest? Selles sügisel on TTÜ aineprogrammis kaks olulist Aasia teemalist kursust.  Neid kursuseid on Sul võimalik võtta nii TTÜ kui ka külalistudengina või läbi Avatud ülikooli. Kuna mõlemad kursused on inglise keelsed, on ka kirjeldused samas keeles.

Asia-Pacific Studies: New Perspectives (TSP1007), MA
Course by Vlad Vernygora

The course aims at examining theories and new practices that were correspondingly adopted and employed by different Asia-Pacific nations in government or/and civil society actions, affecting policy development process, decision-making, political/economic/social interconnectedness, strategic management, and democratisation-related issues. It is a timely reflection to the fact that political studies of Asia-Pacific traditionally meet a number of challenges:  they deal with the vast geographic area, and feature a sheer diversity of approaches in analysing the region’s interactions from within and with the wider world.  In addition to these challenges, studies of present-day Asia-Pacific are on the periphery of high-school curricula in many European countries, and the main accents are usually on the regions’ historical, socio-cultural or discourse-related matters. Therefore, it will tackle the aforementioned challenges and deficits offering the latest systemic insight into Asia-Pacific affairs. To give few examples, the Chinese ‘Belt and Road Initiative’, the South China Sea situation, and the Agreement on TPP will be thoroughly analysed during the length of the course.

Foreign Policy of China (TSP1026), MA
Course by Toomas Tiivel

This course provides the basics on the history of China in the XX and XXI centuries. The formation of the Chinese state, basic facts about the formation of the Peoples Republic of China and the Republic of China after the Second World War, the relations with its neighbours in Asia – Japan, Korea, India, Russia, the Central Asian Republics, the relations with USA,  European Union and other bigger international organisations (UN, APEC, ASEAN). Ambitions of PRC in the XXI century.

Peale Aasia ühiskondade ja poliitika teemaliste kursuste, on TTÜs võimalik õppida ka korea, hiina (mandarini) ja jaapani keelt.

Mõnusat Aasia-hõngulist uut õppeaastat!