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Tiia Vissak

Tiia Vissak (PhD in Economics and Business Administration) a Senior Researcher at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of University of Tartu. Her main areas of study are international business, linear and nonlinear internationalisation of businesses, networks and strategic alliances and rapidly developing countries (incl. China). She has published over 150 scientific publications, i.a. International Business Review, Journal of International Entrepreneurship, Transformations in Business & Economics, Qualitative Report, Journal of East-West Business, Japanese Journal of Administrative Science ja Journal of Euromarketing, as well as in works published by international publishing houses such as Emerald, Routledge, Palgrave, Haworth Press, Edward Elgar ja Springer, and has participated actively in research projects. She has been teaching international business at University of Tartu since 1998.


Internationalisation processes: typology, frequency and impact factors

The Role and Inward-Outward connections of Companies’ Internationalisation in Development of Estonian Economy”

The impact of internationalisation on the innovativeness of firms

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