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Triinu Ossinovski

Triinu OssinovskiAs of 2005 Triinu Ossinovski has been studying politics and social sciences of countries of East and Southeast Asia. In 2001 she defended her Master’s dissertation ‘Indigenous Peoples in Eastern Zomia Sovereignty in Modern World System of Nation-States’ at the Department of Middle-Eastern and Asian Studies of Tallinn University. Before that she studied Asian politics, history and modern societies in the US (Oglethorpe University) as well as in Finland (University of Helsinki).

As of 2011 she is a student of the PhD programme for the Studies of Cultures at Tallinn University, specialising in cultural geography. In her doctoral dissertation she is focussing on the civil society of the Shan ethnic minority group in Burma/Myanmar, their networks and political ambitions. As of the spring of 2014 Triinu has also been delivering lectures on Southeast Asia region within the Asian Studies’ programme of Tallinn University.

Science projects:
SEATIDE — Integration in Southeast Asia: Trajectories of Inclusion, Dynamics and Exclusion AU/713 European Commission’s 7th Cooperation Programme 01.01.13–31.12.15

Culturescapes in transformation:   towards an integrated theory of meaning making, Institutional Research Grant (IUT) of the Estonian Research Council, principal investigator H.Palang (2013-2018) – Triinu Ossinovski is participating as a PhD student on Southeast Asia related topics

A project of the Estonian Research Council, ‘Power, Networks and Identities in Myanmar/Burma under the Impact of Globalization’, principal investigator and person in charge K. Dean (2011-2012; 2013, as a part of the IUT of H. Palang).

Development or implementation projects:
01.01.2014–31.08.2014 Asian Cooperation Cluster of Tallinn University – principal investigator

25.04.2014 the conference ‘Multiple Lives of Democracy: from Europe to Asia Pacific’, Tallinn University – co-organiser

01.06.2014– 31.12.2015 MTÜ Mondo project “Contribution of Estonian Experts into Development Cooperation”, deployment of Estonian experts to the Burmese organisation ‘The Rural Development Foundation of Shan State (RDFSS)’ – expert involved in the project.

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